Blog Assignment 2: Leave It to Beaver

1. What personality traits emerge for each of the Cleaver family members--Ward (the father), June (the mother), Wally (the older brother), and Theodore (Beaver, our main character)?  Assess each person and indicate what each does to show these traits throughout the episode.

2. A family dynamic refers to an estimation of how the various family members interact with one another.  Describe the family dynamic here--does this family behave with love towards one another?  Are they respectful?  Are there some members of the family less involved than others?  What do you notice?  Answer with specifics from the episode to verify your interpretations.

3. Who has the power in this family?  (Is it the father?  Is it both parents?  Does one of the kids actually dictate what happens?)  How does this come through in the episode?  Be specific!

NOTE:  If you need to view sections of the episode again, a link to it can be found under the "About" tab on Google Classroom.


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