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Blog Assignment 5: Nature Scenes

Goal  To use description and sensory detail to recreate the experience of a natural scene

Select what you consider an enticing image from the stack of pictures [If you are completing this assignment on your own, you can simply Google images of natural landscapes.]

Take a few moments to absorb the picture--put yourself into it and feel the temperature, the mood of the place, your senses at work...

Then, create a new blog post to recreate that scene for your readers.   Really stretch your vocabulary muscles to give it personality and life!
       You're fresh off of your narrative writing, so draw upon the "SHOW, Don't Tell" and sensory images work that we did; make the most of those skills in this new context!

Repeat this process with another image for a total of two recreated scenes.

When you've finished writing, read some of the ones created by your classmates and comment on your favorites!